Architecture Changes

Architecture Request for Change Form (ARC Form) must be completed by the homeowner before any structural and other modifications to the residence is commenced – change of colors included.  The Application must be completed in its entirety  with samples and attachments.  Failure to fully complete the application and provide samples and attachments may result in rejection of the Application.

The Board of Directors have put together a Architectural and Landscape Design Guideline to help the homeowners visually about improvements that can or can not be done.

The Board of Directors or its designee (“Directors”) will render a decision within ten (10) business days after receiving a complete application.  The decision may be either an acceptance, rejection, or conditional acceptance with certain additions or changes to the application.

Please contact Keith Collins to submit Architecture Request for Change Form (ARC Form).

Fleming Garden HOA is managed by Keith Collins Company and the manager is Theresa Boehling. She can be contacted at or 901-753-4170 ext 111.

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